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Why No RSS for News?

December 19th, 2013 No comments

Why is it that so few companies provide us with RSS feeds of their news?

I know RSS has been around for a long time (in web terms) but with my “PharmiWeb editor” hat on, I find it incredibly useful to keep track of multiple companies (and topics) in one place. Tools like Feedly, make it very simple.

However, probably less than 10% of companies provide a News RSS feed. Which means I either have to trawl round dozens of sites, or as is more often the case, I don’t bother. I’m not sure who’s missing out most?

Now there are tools to turn a website into an RSS feed, but I’ve not found them to be very intuitive or easy to set up: but why should I need to do this, when its far simpler for every company’s website to provide it for me.

Come on guys, make 2014 the year of RSS.

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Resumator Review

November 23rd, 2012 No comments

Having looked into a range of ATS / candidate management systems, I thought I’d post my quick initial review or Resumator here.


Signing up for the demo was a breeze. No credit cards required.

I was initially presented with a page to create a new job. This wasn’t what I wanted to do initially but I created a dummy one just to work through the process. Options on the job posting seem OK, if a little US focused, for example “states” are listed by default (on the assumption that I’m in the USA)  and the preset prequalification (canned) questions were rather US focused such as “Felony Conviction” or “Grade Point Average (GPA)” and no sign of “work visas”. However, new questions are configurable through the settings options.

The application process candidates goes through is based on  a workflow. The default being:

  • 1. Filed for Later
  • 2. Reviewed
  • 3. Phone Screened
  • 4. Scheduling Interview
  • 5. Interview Scheduled
  • 6. Interviewed
  • 7. Checking References
  • 8. Put On Hold
  • 9. Made Offer

These can be changed or new workflows created, which is useful.

I have to assign “Job Board Categories” when posting a job. I can see why this might be useful for some organisations, but not for me as all jobs are likely to be in the same category… unless I use this for “departments”.

After applying through the system, candidates can be assigned by admin users to categories, and these can be defined. so for our use, I’d probably use these for the “departments” (development, project management etc) as well as “multilingual”, as this is useful for us.

All email message templates are configurable for example “Thanks for your application”, rejection emails etc

Very usefully, evaluation templates can be created, and these are used as a checklist against each candidates application. Parameters can be set for each element, so for example, you can list the requirements of the job, and assign units of measure against each (such as ranking 1-10, yes/no etc) you can also weight each item too as a %. This feature is very useful when reviewing lots of CVs as well as knowing (or proving) why a certain decision was made. So its crutial to define these for each job. There is also a feature that links to a system called Smarterer, but I’m not familiar with that yet.

From an admin perspective, job applications are processed through the system (or details uploaded manually), and  CVs are Parsed using Scribd (which seemed to take ages for the first one I added, but eventually worked ok). Some details are extracted from the CV and you’ll need to check these and add further details where appropriate.

You can also upload candidates CVs directly to a job application using a custom email address provided for each job (10 jobs at a time max) which is useful if you have a backlog of CVs.

The site creates a jobs listing for you on a sub domain on their site (eg: , and there are various options for configuring templates and display of this. This would be useful for creating a page on your existing website, although no searching or other functionality exists here other than a simple listing.

You can have unlimited users of the account, and users can be hiring leads, admins etc, so each job can be assigned to a hiring lead for example.

Overall presentation seems very good and is really quite simple to get to grips with. Its obviously USA focused, but that shouldn’t be a showstopper for the rest of us.


$99/month for 5 Job slots, $20 for each additional job slot. Pay month-to-month, and change your plan at any time. There are never any contracts to sign or any big commitments to make.


I liked Resumator a lot, and its in use by some pretty big names (Mashable, Pinterest etc), it was certainly the most flexible and best presented ATS I looked at, and although it may not be  prefect for everyone, it suits us at this time.

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Using GMail to search inside CVs / resumes

October 19th, 2012 No comments

It looks like Google has added a feature to its GMAIL service that could be very useful for smaller recruiters. You can now search within email attachments. This means, with a bit of clever organising, you could use GMAIL as a basic CV parser.

Assuming you have candidate CVs in GMAIL and labelled up, simply adding “has:attachment ” as a prefix to your search includes the attachments too.

Note that it only works on certain document types, but it seems to work ok with pdf, doc, & ppt. Also if you want to restrict your search to specific document types, try this format “has:attachment filename:pdf”.

So a typical search might be  : has:attachment filename:doc “clinical research”

Taking it a step further, you can create a filter. Using GMails “create filter with this search”  you can forward the emails automatically elsewhere, flag them as important, and even keep an active filter on a label. So, for example you can set up a filter that searches all your CVs for some selected keywords and then attach that search to a label.

The downside is that I’m not aware of anyway of ranking or sorting the results, you can only get them in date order.

Of course, it will take some experimentation, and some organising, but it might be worth a shot if you are setting up a new recruiting business or are a small employer – as its Free!


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August 21st, 2012 No comments

“The topic of Facebook launching a job board this summer has received a lot of attention the past couple of weeks.  From stating a Facebook job board could kill LinkedIn’s momentum – to quoting 92% of recruiters are using social media to recruit talent.

Have recruiters hired people through Facebook or have job seekers found a job through Facebook? Sure. The irony is all of the experts I’ve seen commentary from stating this is a great idea also said the last 10 attempts at social recruiting would change the world.”

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