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Social Media Trends in the Workplace – Infographic

August 1st, 2013 No comments

The brave new world of social media has given employers fresh terrain to navigate and potential minefields to avoid. Given the increase in the use of social media and the rapid speed at which the legal and legislative landscape is changing, employers in small, medium and large companies need to properly institute policies and training in the workplace regarding: (i) managing and monitoring employee’s social media usage; and (ii) using it for recruiting purposes.

A recent survey conducted by and XpertHR, combined with our own independent research, shows that social media use on the whole continues to rise. Also on the rise is the number of individuals who use social media while they are at work (67% of companies permit access to social media for business use and 30% allow access for non-business use) and the number of employers who use it for recruiting purposes. Although an increasing number of companies of varying sizes have instituted social media policies (ranging from 51% of small companies to 80% of large companies) and may even monitor employee use of social media (40% of companies monitor use on a company provided computer), employers are not following up by being diligent and providing social media training to supervisors, managers and employees. These individuals potentially remain unaware of the legal issues surrounding their use of social media at work and how to engage in proper and appropriate use. As a result, employers find themselves facing more and more instances of discrimination, harassment, bullying and inappropriate conduct on social media which could lead to employer liability. They may also face claims that they violated the National Labor Relations Act and First Amendment in taking action against employees for negative postings about the company or employer on social media. Lastly, they should be aware that employee misuse of employer-provided computers with respect to social media use can put the employer’s networks and equipment at risk.

Author: Beth P. Zoller, XpertHR Legal Editor  June 13, 2013

Social Media in the Workplace Infographic on Social Media in the Workplace by XpertHR

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Facebook’s Job Board

November 19th, 2012 No comments

As you may have heard by now, Facebook have launched their new Job Board App.

By partnering with some existing boards like Monster, jobVite,, work4labs & branchout, they have added 1.9 million jobs to their new board.

Clearly this is following in LinkedIn’s footsteps, who make most of their income from recruitment based advertising, so it must be a bit of a concern for LinkedIn themselves. However, on first viewing I don’t think they’ve got  much to worry about immediately.

In many ways its disappointing, as search is crude, results are variable. There’s definitely no WOW here, and, other than the quantity of  jobs, they’ve  a long way to go before they get anywhere near your average job board. Personally I think that the average candidate would rather see 10 really well-matched jobs than have to search 1.9 million random ones.

I guess Facebook, although they potentially know lots about you, don’t have the same sort of profile information that LinkedIn have. So they’re at a disadvantage there.

We’d better watch the space though as Facebook will have plans, and they’ve got the money to implement them, and the audience to push them to.


August 21st, 2012 No comments

“The topic of Facebook launching a job board this summer has received a lot of attention the past couple of weeks.  From stating a Facebook job board could kill LinkedIn’s momentum – to quoting 92% of recruiters are using social media to recruit talent.

Have recruiters hired people through Facebook or have job seekers found a job through Facebook? Sure. The irony is all of the experts I’ve seen commentary from stating this is a great idea also said the last 10 attempts at social recruiting would change the world.”

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