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Facebook’s Job Board

As you may have heard by now, Facebook have launched their new Job Board App.

By partnering with some existing boards like Monster, jobVite, us.jobs, work4labs & branchout, they have added 1.9 million jobs to their new board.

Clearly this is following in LinkedIn’s footsteps, who make most of their income from recruitment based advertising, so it must be a bit of a concern for LinkedIn themselves. However, on first viewing I don’t think they’ve got  much to worry about immediately.

In many ways its disappointing, as search is crude, results are variable. There’s definitely no WOW here, and, other than the quantity of  jobs, they’ve  a long way to go before they get anywhere near your average job board. Personally I think that the average candidate would rather see 10 really well-matched jobs than have to search 1.9 million random ones.

I guess Facebook, although they potentially know lots about you, don’t have the same sort of profile information that LinkedIn have. So they’re at a disadvantage there.

We’d better watch the space though as Facebook will have plans, and they’ve got the money to implement them, and the audience to push them to.

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