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Time for another rant – email unsubscribing

Each day I, as well as everyone else on the planet, get a whole bunch of  ”junk” email. Most of this is fairly harmless promotional stuff as all the enhancement drugs and Nigerian 401 scams have been filtered out by the time I get them. But in any case, each day, as part of my routine, I try to un-subscribe from a few of them,  in the misguided hope that my “wanted:unwanted” email ratio will not continue to grow exponentially.  However, as I have numerous email accounts (which I don’t believe is unusual these days) I  forward all my accounts to gmail. Its convenient, includes powerful spam filtering, can be accessed from anywhere, and of course is free.

The problem (and the rant) comes when :

  1. I click on the unsubscribe link – and I’m forced to login in order to “change my preferences” – usually of course, details are long forgotten, thus initiating a painful “forgotten password” – wait for email – login – change preferences sequence. Not only is this a waste of my time, it also annoys the hell out of me and makes me hate the organisation I am unsubscribing from even more!
  2. or.. I receive an email with an unsubscribe link. Yet, when I click on it I am forced  to add my email address. Or it simply creates an email back to the remove@ email address. However, if like me, your various email addresses end up in the same place, you have no idea which one the offending item was sent to in the first place! OK, check the “To” field. Nope, often this is a generic email that means I was simply BCC’d into a bunch of old junk email. No way to unsubscribe. Surely every email system these days uses a unique ID to identify me in their list, so that a simple click can remove me!? – Apparently not.

It should be compulsory for every “marketing” email to include a single click unsubscribe.


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